Instagram: @glenviewbear

Glenview Village President:

  • Write-in Candidate: The Glenview Bear

Glenview Village Council:

  • It is important to have fresh voices to balance Mike Jenny and the Unite party. Glenview Next has been endorsed by the Glenview Firefighters — and haven’t they been through enough lately?

Glenview Public Library Board:

  • Carol Schmitt & Katherine Vega — They are both current board members. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Glenview District 34 Board:

  • Jim Baumstark — Baumstark is the current District 34 board vice president and a former chair of the Glenview Education Foundation. He has a passion for education and was instrumental to the success of the referendum. And with a name like Jim Baumstark, what else is he gonna do? The man was destined for local politics.

Northfield Township 225 School Board:

  • There are some real asshats running in this race, so this is one we really need to pay attention to. For more on that, see the “2021 Election” highlight on my Instagram (@glenviewbear). All of the following candidates are highly qualified and were endorsed by the Teacher’s Association, and I like that they are a mix of incumbents and fresh voices.




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